Brikers -

The most up-to-date and most powerful manufacturer of concrete products in the Baltic states!

About us

To create and be creative – it’s all about us. We tend to regard paver blocks as creative units, which inspires us to find solutions unprecedented on the local market. From early on in 2008, we introduced Retro finishing paving and the multiple colours of Colourmix; since then, we have been continuously diversifying the shape of the paver blocks, including triangles and hexagons, and we also have special multicolour kerbs.

16 380 sites

have Brikers paving

10 million m2

or equal to the area of the town of Dobele or two Ķīpsalas combined

2,5 million people

walk on our paver blocks everyday

Our geography


R. Kalantos str. 85, LT-52310 Kaunas, Lithuania

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Riga (Office)

Katlakalna street 9a, Riga LV-1073, Latvia

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Dobele (factory)

Lauku street 25, Dobele LV-3701, Latvia

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Liepaja (factory)

Meldru street 1, Liepāja LV-3401, Latvia

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