Knowing the needs of our customers, we offer functional details for the facilitation of amenities. First of all, kerbs and edgings for roads and pavements which add to the finishing for each paved area. Our range of products includes edgings of all shapes and sizes – square, round, higher, lower, in different colours.

We also produce rainwater gutters. The special feature is that they are flat, so that crossing them is smooth. The gutters are also available in decorative colours.

Rondo poles are suitable for the design and also support function – they can be used to create multi-level ground cascades or terraces, to strengthen slopes or steep stairs, to strengthen hot beds, grave kerbs, etc. Very suitable for garden or tree fencing. Angular and crescent-shaped, which allows a larger circle or wavy line to be formed.

Flora garden blocks made of concrete and designed for flower pots last a long time, and, once filled with earth, serve as a solid soil embankment. They can also be used to build a vertical flower wall. Available in colour, angular and crescent-shaped. Combined with Rondo poles, the garden design will be individual and original.