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Gutters and posts

Our advantage regarding rainwater drainage is that the gutters are flat. Therefore, neither large nor small wheels under your feet or pram will get frustrated on the sides of the streets – the obstacle will be overcome quite easily. The colour can be noticed the most – we also have gutters in different shades.

Concrete posts, on the other hand, can be used in multiple ways to provide a range of design and architecture solutions.

The posts can even be used to strengthen parasols or other bases, to create hot beds, to separate designated pavements, to enclose trees or to create grave kerbs.

The posts can serve to strengthen steep stairs. By varying the heights, one can level the soil and create multi-level flower beds with a flexible design. In combination with paving, one can even create special terraces or terrace cascades.

The posts come in different sizes, and they are angular and crescent-shaped, which allows you to form circles or a wavy edge.



Flower pots

Concrete flower pots are almost eternal, which is already a significant advantage. In addition, filled with soil, they create a stable wall on steep slopes. And you can use them to create a multi-level flower wall.

The variations for the compositions are endless – both with pots and in combination with concrete posts.

Our flower pots are angular and crescent-shaped, plain grey and coloured.